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Typos. Faulty grammar. Improper punctuation. Nothing sinks your credibility faster than embarrassing errors. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to happen to you. With over 15 years experience in editing and proofreading, Dot the I’s creator, Maria Boeding, distinguishes herself from other proofreaders with her meticulous attention to detail and her innate knack at catching the most obscure mistakes.

Even some of our most advanced and widely published writers are surprised (shocked) at how many errors they don't realize they make. Dot the I’s takes the worry out of publishing your content by carefully scouring your documents for all the components critical to effective writing.

Think you can’t afford to hire a professional proofreader? Trust us…you can’t afford not to. Typos and grammatical errors can discredit your message and spoil your professional image which costs you time, money and clients. With extremely competitive pricing and fast turnaround time, Dot the I’s is your one stop shop for all your proofreading and editing needs.